Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Off The Water Wishlist

We've put together 5 bits of kit that will instantly improve your paddling experience.

Gul Changing Poncho

A firm favourite in most outdoor watersports, making changing on the road side a lot more comfortable, with a lot less nudity!

Palm Changing Mat

Another favourite for those changing on cold surfaces. The changing mat makes feet happy, simple.
Palm Universal Changing Mat

HF Turtle Back

Turning your kayak into a backpack makes carrying the thing so much easier. Strain on your shoulders is shared and balanced out, creating a more pleasant experience overall.

Madness Neoprene Seat Cover

It's not all about you, you know. Give your paddle wagon the attention it deserves by protecting the seats from sand and dirt with a neoprene cover.

Madness Neoprene Seat Cover

Yak Styrian Paddle Bag

Fits up to 4 paddles at a time, protecting them with a soft foam inner layer. Ideal for storing your paddles both during transport and at home.
Yak Styrian Paddle Bag

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Five Things I Wouldn't Be Without On The Water

Five things I wouldn't be without on the water. In no particular order here are just a few items I always carry, don't take up much space, and could possibly keep you and your buddies safe on the water and make sure you have the best possible day out! 

Overboard Multi-purpose Waterproof Case

Before I have even considered getting kitted up, I always check I've got a waterproof case that I can keep on me and not in my boat. Definitely important to make sure your vehicle keys and phone are dry and secure, in case you lose your boat for any reason. 

Throw Line

Right now there are some great choices when it comes to throw lines. The days of having some old climbing rope stuffed under your inflatable PFD have long gone.
My personal favourite at the moment is the Palm Lightning throw bag. I really like the weight, size and length. Anything longer than 18m and I just haven't got the accuracy I need.

Often people will carry a larger bag with longer rope, ideal for setting up more technical pulling systems, as well as something they can throw to a swimmer more accurately.

Watershed Ocoee Dry Bag

I've owned a Watershed Ocoee bag for quite a few years now. Having a bag I can trust makes me less stressed about carrying my kit, and allows me to concentrate more on the job at hand. Speak to working professionals in the paddlesport industry and they will tell you the same as me, that there isn't a better dry bag on the market.

Spending the money is totally worth it. I leave my DSLR camera in mine constantly, that's how much I trust this bag!

First Aid Kit

When the worst happens, and in the great outdoors that's not out of the question, you want to be prepared.
One piece of advice, don't carry too much in your first aid kit. Keep it personal to you and suited to the environment you are entering. Keep it simple and effective, it's called first aid for a reason. You don't need to be carrying a 2kg bag of cough medicine and headache tablets...

Rescue Tape & Karabiner

Okay so this one is 2 items, but they really do go hand in hand. Why have one and not the other? Having a safety tape and karabiner can be a cheap and valuable tool when rescuing, towing or even carrying your lunch up the hill.

The possibilities and uses are pretty much endless, and a crucial part of your kayaking kit.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Keep on top form for your up and coming trip!

Knowing you have a paddling trip planned is pretty exciting.

Maybe you are heading out this weekend, this Christmas, or even during the school holidays in Spring. Counting down the days and weeks, waiting until you can hit the water again adds to the "I can't wait" factor.

This said, making sure you have all the right kit to take with you on the trip (and trying not to forget anything), as well as organising and sticking to an itinerary can be stressful.

For me the most important thing to remember is to look after number 1 (That's you!). And by this I don't mean keep out of danger and portage everything, and there is also such a thing as taking too much kit...

Follow these simple steps and you will have a great time!

Take A Break
We all want to paddle well when we are on a trip, whether we are cruising something simple in the sun or up against a real challenge. A huge factor to consider is fatigue, and the moment you start to get tired is when your technique will slip and mistakes begin to creep in. Pretty obvious I know, but making sure you sleep well and rest when you need to is important.

Keep Your Kit Dry
From experience there is nothing worse than pulling up to your camp spot, usually close to dark, and finding out your dry bag does not do what it says on the tin. Often this can be down to user error, so always check you have sealed your bags, hatches and barrels.

If you have leaky dry storage you WILL be miserable at some point!

Look After Your Body
Keep clean, dry and keep warm. If you are paddling in a cold place you will want to make sure you have dry thermals and plenty of them, which will be your back up layers that can be swapped in when required.
Allowing yourself to get damp or cold will run you down super quickly. If you are in a hot place, wear sun cream and drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Doing the simple things like keeping your feet dry will prevent major injuries like foot rot.

Its easy to forget to do the basics!

Plan Your Meals
Plan your meals so that you eat healthy foods and enjoy a balanced diet. Easier said than done sometimes, especially on the road, but worth it. We burn a lot of energy kayaking and canoeing so make sure you stock pile those calories. Keep energy levels high and enthusiasm even higher!

Take The Right Stuff
There is no such thing as poor weather, just poor clothing. Be prepared!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Click. Pick. Pack. Deliver.

Making your shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible, is the top priority to us here at Escape Watersports.

Our warehouse team work hard every day, to ensure that your item(s) arrive at your door quickly and safely. 

So just how does the Escape Watersports dispatch journey work?

The moment you click..

All stock listed on our website is live, and is linked directly to our warehouse stock system.

Once you confirm your order, all items are allocated to your account, and our team receive your order to be picked in the warehouse.

We go and pick..

We take you order details, and head out into the warehouse to pick your items. 

Every product at Escape Watersports is kept in a specific location within our warehouse, which helps our team plan the best picking routes and speed up the process.

Scanning it in..

Each item is taken to the packing area and scanned against your order, using its unique barcode.

Using this method helps us to eliminate errors, and means we are sending out exactly what you have ordered.

To postage and packaging..

All items are carefully packed, along with your invoice and returns form, and a unique postage label is printed for your parcel.

Your order is now ready for dispatch!

Dispatched and ready for the road

We pass over your parcel to one of our carefully selected couriers, who we trust to deliver it to your doorstep quickly and safely.

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our service, and offer the most up to date methods to benefit our customers.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to get in touch or leave us a review with your next order.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Sickline 2017 | Lyndon Williams

- Champions killer
- Wellebrucke
- Late boof
- Under cut
- Siphon
- Losers party
- Pros
- Champion's party

This is a list of things you will hear constantly if you attend the Adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship.

Last week Team Escape Watersports took to the road to enter the biggest whitewater race on the calendar. For Eddy it was his fifth time competing at the event, but for Lyndon this was his first major race.

The Wellebrucke rapids are found in the small valley of Otzal, Austria and upon arrival its easy to see why its the home to the competition. Surrounded by mountains, the valley starts to open as you get closer and out roars the Wellebrucke rapids. Steep, technical, and powerful it makes for a great test of ability. Not only will it test your skill level but also your nerve and concentration.

Like most, we spent the week prior to the race getting used to the course and learning the fastest lines from top to bottom. This was not as easy as it sounds! Having a mixture of heavy rain, sunshine and snow, the river level changed often and dramatically which made it very difficult to both paddle consistently, and stay in your kayak.

Thursday came around quickly, which meant it was time to register. There was a parade of nations, an excellent spread of food and drink, and a pre-race briefing to get everyone excited for the upcoming qualifiers.

So finally, here was the day we had been waiting for. Both Lyndon and Eddy had been training for months and were looking fast in their practice laps. 175 competitors in total turned up this year, consisting of amateurs and pro athletes. Eddy was up first, time to lay down his first run of two in his heat. Looking focused he put down a respectable time to place him 14th in his group.
Lyndon was up with his first lap, a little slower with a 1.5 second difference between the pair. This was enough to to leave Eddy 37th and Lyndon 54th after round one.

After a quick lunch the second lap was soon upon us. Once again Eddy was up first, and although a little slower than before he still placed high. Lyndon made the walk down the steps to the river bank knowing a solid run would put him in contention to qualify. Concentrating on that first move and looking focused Lyndon dropped into the water, went clean through the starting rapid (minus 1) and set up for Champions Killer rapid. His late boof was slightly off line which pushed him into the river left eddy costing him about 5 seconds.

Watching the times drop on the big screen Eddy and Lyndon were getting bumped down the table fast. Lyndon's slight error put him way down into 81st position, however Eddy had done enough to qualify in 50th position, making it his best result in 5 years and putting him in with a chance to race against the best in the world.

Excitement was high but chances were inevitably slim, so although he didn't get further than the quarters, Eddy went out there, gave it his best, and most of all he enjoyed it.
Spending the day watching the finals was great, course records kept getting broken and the top 15 was so close. Sam Sutton took the win in the men's, while Nouria Newman claimed the women's title. Amazing athletes!

We celebrated Team Escape Watersports success at the event with a glass of bubbly, then headed to the Champions Party.

The 24 hour drive home consisted of junk food and retelling many stories from the week.
Can not wait for next year!